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Wednesday, 29 August 2007 at 08:01 UTC+01, 2017

Work created during the WUU2 MATE? residency

The residency project 'Wednesday, 29 August 2007 at 08:01 UTC+01' considers ideas of privacy on the internet, the overwhelming nature of social media and the narcissistic need to continually inform others of your current and future activities.

Utilising Facebook's feature that allows you to download your entire history on the platform, during the residency I dove into my Facebook timeline; harnessing the friends I've added, the posts I've shared and the events that I've been 'interested' in to create a new, specially curated, timeline, originally presented on the WUU2 Instagram account.

The timeline was made up of digital images featuring social media activity from Facebook presented alongside various stock images taken from Google search results.

As the residency continued I crafted a persona of myself through the curated content, one that's obsessed with being surveilled and afraid of the government sanctioned corporations that are watching his every move. Towards the end of the residency the content slowly changed, adding in fictional events to the timeline, culminating in the persona of myself quitting Facebook.

'It was over ten years ago now, you know, that I joined up. A lot can happen in ten years, a lot can be forgotten, a lot can be lost... I don't really remember typing in my email, or silently deliberating over what my password should be. Why would I, when since then I've been 'interested' in hundreds of events and am 'friends' with thousands of people? Joining up seems like an inevitable, tiny action, in a long line of tiny actions, ultimately all forgotten in the stream of consciousness that is 'social media'. Lol'

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