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Unattended Bag, 2018
Custom printed zip top handbag, 3D printed ABS plastic, USB drive, downloaded Facebook data, shredded newspapers
31 x 47 x 14.5 cm

Bob Bicknell-Knight’s sculptural work Unattended Bag takes the form of a custom made handbag featuring slogans from a recent Facebook advertising campaign launched in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, whereby it was revealed that illegal data harvesting on the platform had occurred on a world-wide scale during the 2015/2016 United States presidential election campaign and the 2016 Brexit vote. The unattended bag, referencing the continued threat represented by unattended luggage in public and private spaces, contains a number of shredded newspapers accompanied by a 3D print of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s head. The attached USB contains all of Bicknell-Knight’s Facebook data since joining the social media platform over 10 years ago.

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