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As part of an ongoing body of work, concerning digital personas and performing for social media, for several years Bicknell-Knight has been producing fictional photographs of art studios, with his own works embedded within these faux spaces. The images are posted to the social networking site Instagram, creating a digital persona of a painter. Within the age of social media, Bicknell-Knight is questioning these performative spaces and the relationship between our online and offline selves.

The works below translate the digital studio spaces into the physical realm, with the titles referencing the dates that the original images were posted to Instagram.

Bicknell-Knight’s 2D works are hybrid paintings. The pieces begin as digitally edited fabricated images. They are then printed onto canvas, stretched and then painted onto with acrylic paint, with the offline artist’s hand interacting with the original online digital image. The sides are colour matched, and the front of the canvas is partially painted onto.

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