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There are already 35 server farms on Mars. It is the perfect temperature, 2018

A solo show within a group show at Annka Kultys Gallery, London, UK.

There are already 35 server farms on Mars. It is the perfect temperature is a solo exhibition presented within CACOTOPIA 02, a series of solo exhibitions featuring works by five recent and future graduates from some of Europe’s leading art schools at Annka Kultys Gallery, London.

The exhibition explores how our lives are becomingly increasingly digitalised, revolving around a video installation, titled There are already 35 server farms on Mars. It is the perfect temperature, that resembles a marketing booth for the cryptocurrency Litecoin. The video utilises found footage taken from YouTube to speak about escaping into the screen, fake news and surveillance capitalism.

Another video included in the exhibition, Zo, concerns a conversation between the artist and an internet bot installed on the social media app Kik. The bot, named Zo, is programmed to replicate chatty autonomous conversation. The dialogue that occurred is foregrounded in front of various melancholy habitats devoid of the human life from the Mass Effect video game series. Within the film the entity and the individual discuss artificial intelligence and the difference between being a robot and a human being.

Alongside these videos there are a series of wall and floor-based sculptures, utilising imagery found online to speak about alternative futures, memes and how virtual interfaces have been potentially influenced by catastrophic global events.

The final work in the show, Guided Representation, is a series of custom-made badges adorned with the logos from the six most used internet web browsers. Throughout the exhibition period visitors are encouraged to take a badge that represents their own web browsing habits, akin to registered voters wearing badges that align with their political beliefs, showing support for their chosen party.

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