Bob Bicknell-Knight

I Wish I'd Been Born A Balloon, 2020

HD video with sound
9 min 45 sec

Bob Bicknell-Knight’s video work, I Wish I'd Been Born a Balloon, centres on the life of a nano drone, a tiny unmanned aerial vehicle that is primarily used in military operations. Throughout the video, the device reflects on its own existence and laments its primary purpose, wishing to be played with rather than deployed in combat zones, and speaks about the history of drones in relation to various wars. The work utilises footage captured from within the world of the 2013 video game Grand Theft Auto V, widely renowned as one of the most accurate digital simulations of the physical world.

Models for a virtual reality installation.  Within a physical setting, the video will be watched through a virtual reality headset, immersing the audience into the experience of flying through the sky. The first-person narrated monologue, accompanied by the VR immersion, enables the audience to become intimately connected to the plight of the drone. These initial ideas involve constructing seating inspired by the content of the video, mimicking the structure of a hornets nest.


Models for a virtual reality installation.