Part of a proposal for a public sculpture.

I proposed to create a new series of sculptures to be displayed as a static installation, to be manoeuvred around and interacted with by the general public. Titled Fair Game, the work would consist of a number of 3D printed life size autonomous robotic dogs, with their different forms inspired by the real-life robot dogs currently being developed and produced by the American company Boston Dynamics.

The work imagines a future where these robot dogs are being utilised for military warfare, adorned with various forms of camouflage paint and prowling the wood in packs of five for their prey.

The title of the artwork, Fair Game, is inspired by a 1953 short story written by Philip K. Dick, whereby the protagonist, Anthony Douglass, believes he is being watched by something god like. At the end of the story the reader learns that the man is nothing more than game for malevolent creatures using Earth as a hunting ground.

The sculptural installation embodies this idea of being watched from the shadows, alongside emphasising the fact that many believe that autonomous robots will soon reach the technological singularity, a hypothetical future point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization, where our once robotic slaves will transform into our masters.